Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eye Jewelry......

 I remember when I was a sophomore in H.S."92, I wore what they called back then "M.C. Hammer glasses", they were Gazelle glasses, we called them M.C. hammer because he was wearing them at that time, but anyway I wore the knock offs because they were expensive. I really loved those glasses, mine were a square gold frame, that was one piece of accessory that I could not live without...when I had those on, you couldn't tell me nothin', they were like jewelry for my eyes...

      In reminiscing, I thought of these cute little specs, they came out really cute so I had to share.
        I used round nose pliers, a regular pen, finger nail clipper or scissors to cut wire, glass beads and .25 gauge wire - all of these things are found @ Walmart in the craft section. I cut 5-5 1/2" of wire, at 1-1 1/2" I placed the pen and wrapped the wire all the way around(see first photo), doing it this way closed the circle and stopped the beads. I then put 3 glass beads on the longest end of the wire, to the circle, next, at the end of the 3rd bead, I wrapped the wire around the pen again making sure I wrapped both sides the same (see photos 2&3). Now with the pliers I turn the ends in facing me or away from the circle. They look cute just simple like that(photo 4), but a few more beads on the arms and loop the ends so the beads stay, now they are super cute!!!!             

See Photos:

For all projects, parental guidance is strongly suggested for children under 12. Most of my projects, I use sharp or pointed tools, so they can be dangerous if not use properly.
I am not a professional, I am self taught so I the things I show are what works well for me, please feel free to ask questions or comment. Thanks for viewing my blog 

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